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violated state wiretap laws. that's because maryland is one of a dozen states that requires all parties to consent before somebody makes a recording if there's an expectation of privacy. expectation of privacy on the side of the road? stop it. former prosecutor tom canipp is with us. they can record us but if i have a camera mounted in my car or on my bike, on an open road, i can't record what the police officer does? >> interestingly, with respect to the maryland statute and a lot of jurisdictions with the two party consent laws, consent applies to the audio, not necessarily the video. in maryland, the problem is the fact that he taped the audio conversation with him and the police officers and you get into the issue of whether there's an expectation of privacy. >> you know, my experience has always been, correct me if i'm wrong, if you're in an open place where anyone can hear you and see you, for instance on 38th and 6th avenue in manhattan. somebody records what us, that's fair game. >> absolutely. i walked here today from midtown and was recorded from cameras all over. >> and audio
maryland does not want police officers to quiz people here about the immigration status. this is a sanctuary city. and written in the city's legal code it says "no agent, officer or employee of the city shall assist the united states bureau of immigration and customs enforcement in the investigation or arrest of any person for civil or criminal violation of immigration and nationality laws of the united states." it's against the law to be in the u.s. illegally. supporters say they want the local police to focus on solving crime and leave the immigration work to federal authorities. >> sanctuary cities are saying we are not going to pre-empt the federal government. it's the fall government's responsibility. >> now that obama administration sued arizona over the immigration law permitting officers ask a person of air immigration status during other enforcement duties like a traffic stop, some are asking why cities get a pass for ignoring the immigration law. >> arizona law is in compliance with the federal law. the justice department should stay out of it and encourage ari
rossville, maryland. it registered a magnitude of 3.6. right now, there are no reports of any damage. senate hearings were start at the end of the month on the release of the convicted lockerbie bomber. he was let out of a british prison as you'll recall after doctors said he only had about three months to live because of terminal cancer. well, now doctors say he might live another 10 years. the senate foreign relations committee also wants to know more about b.p. who was lobbying apparently for his release. b.p. has a deal with libya for oil drilling off its coast. a replacement for the late west virginia senator robert byrd is expected to be announced this afternoon at 2:00 eastern time. he died in office last month. governor joe mansion says the pick will be temporary. among the possibilities are soon-to-be federal judge nick casy and former governor gaston caperton. the legislature is considering a special election in november. mansion says it's highly likely he'll run. the sooner a new senator from west virginia can get to washington, the sooner unemployment benefits will be restored to
because of maryland's high taxes. >> arthel: maryland is in the black as well. >> we went from 1.8 billion dollar deficit to 220 million surplus. for the two year budget cycle we were expecting a four billion dollar deficit and we've evened that out too. we are are holding the line on tax. something the federal government should try. >> arthel: are you going to be talking to the feds? >> look, it is not a virginia miracle, just common sense. whole the line on taxes, cut spending and focus on jobs. it worked in virginia. i hope it works in the federal government too. >> arthel: if you are holding the line how do you increase revenue? >> you bring more jobs like we are bringing grumman many paying over $100,000 a year. >> arthel: 72,000 jobs created? >> since february virginia has created over 72,000 jobs this is helping our revenue, corporate returns are up, individual tax returns are up this is the way to go. if you try to raise taxes, companies are gonna go elsewhere. if you have this spending companies are going elsewhere. >> arthel: what is the company headquartering there? >> grumman.
jersey, hawaii, maryland and washington have approved their measures. look at that list again. isn't that strange? state senator eldridge says they want the popular vote to decide the presidency because presidential candidates ignore the wide group of the country. right. right. and without the electoral college i'm sure the candidates will spend all kinds of time in iowa. or georgia. or rhode island. we are no longer a republic if this happens. we officially have a democracy. and the physical bill has a necessary treat for the sec. reports provided to the sec or any other self regulatory organization will be excluded from the scope of freedom of information act. okay? i know it sounds bad but don't worry, the sec released this statement today to calm your fears. because of the significant rulemaking envisioned under the new regulatory, the significant rulemaking envisioned by the new regulatory law, the public can voice views before rules and amendments are proposed. well, see, all they are saying is, you know, all the other agencies are saying about issues. go ahead and do all kin
in the control the little states. they have done it in massachusetts, illinois, new jersey, hawaii, maryland, washington. now the push for cap and trade, the electoral college they are fighting to do it there. cap and trade, they are fighting for that, still. but you wonder, if we even need it anymore because of financial regulation and health care. the epa has just changed things. the epa now says they will just do it. this is a power struggle and which direction is the power currently headed? is it headed for you? more power for the individual? or more power for washington? replaced with a new democracy. this is what you have to decide. all of the decisions by this administration, they just an unlucky mistake or is it a power struggle? are they trying to restore this? when you see this picture, what is it you think of? are they trying to restore the power of the victims. dad what went to work at night and mom who is struggling to keep it right at home, and going out and working and the kids getting a good education, the all american family. are we trying to restore the america that made se
of flattery. >> and he is running the obama white house and now a maryland congressman is developing democratic talent in his program. most agree that he has his work cut out. for example, look at the third district of nevada, a state senator is vupg as a washington outsider. >> we see what is going on and we have been involved in the races and want to bring a new direction to washington. >> and democratic incumbent is having none of this. >> he needs to look at himself in the mirror. he is following all the republican talking points. the real clear politics website says the race is leaping republicans and there is general agreement that a republican wave is building, and some say the gop could reclaim the house from democrats. which means that some of the gop young guns have a real shot in november. arizona's controversial immigration law is de fanged by a federal judge before it was to go into effect, the policy, politics and the appeal in the works. we weigh in after the >> we have to tell our folks we want one and get on with it. this is a very small part of the war of people wou
burr ban maryland. the strongest quake within 30 miles of washington since record-keeping began in 1974. the first family is out of town this weekend. vacationing in maine. this video was shot just this afternoon. the president, mrs. obama, the daughter, advisor valerie jarret boating in frenchman bay. tonight, white house correspondent wendell goler reports no matter who the president is, taking time off has its own challenges. >> every president periodically escapes if what harry truman calls the great while jail, but the rest and relaxation come at a price. golf matches while b.p. wrestled to control the gulf oil spill led republicans to call president obama out of touch. >> scheduling more tee times than phil mickelson than the greatest environmental disaster in our nation's history is out of touch. >> some headed they are going north to maine after heading them to the gulf coast. >> this is still a place open for business and welcoming to vacationers and people can have a wonderful holiday here. >> at a time when he can set an example for the country by vacationing on the many plac
to happen. i give you one example, brenda, right here in montgomery county, maryland, where i live. they face a huge deficit for the same reason that you know, eric and pat have talked about, these unions have so much power and so much bargaining power. well, here is what's happened. taxes are going up, property taxes of course, that's how the state and local governments are paying for this on the backs of the private people, unlike julian's fantasy world, oh, we borrow the money and create the jobs, no, it comes on the back of people like me, so, now, people like me have less money to spend and less money to put in our businesses and those firemen and teachers that, you know, we pulled the violin out for, we need to save the jobs, those jobs aren't going away. what's going to happen, is taxes are going to go up. >> i've got to wrap you up, and your-- ends your strangle holds now. it will be in med lines and neil's gang has it now. first, the fed slapping arizona with a suit to block its immigration law, did they just slap down the job recovery? what you d at this morning's meeting
's a dash tough issue for the administration. maryland today, today, mari landreu says it's a big mistake. we'll likely hear from ken salazar. the fifth circuit court of appeals upholding the lower court ruling saying that you can't have this in place. now the administration is coming forward with another way to block this drilling for a short time until they figure out exactly, they say, the safest and most effective way to oversee the drilling at depths more than 500 feet. the problem is that this is effecting, according to the drilling industry, more than $330 million a month in wages with these different companies, affecting some 33 rigs, at least one of them has already picked up and gone out of the area, and that is what lawmakers down there in the gulf region are really worried about when it comes to jobs and the economy after this spill. jenna: from an outsiders view it's an interesting dynamic set up between the federal government and states. not only do you have the federal government with this insistence on a moratorium and the gulf states really worried about jobs in that loca
be preferable to one. joining us now from new york is dr. lee van ochre of the university of maryland medical school. good to see you. what should we do about these doggone vaccinations? you get so much conflicting information. >> what happened, m.m.r., measles, mumps rue bela combined with the chickenpox and found in seven to ten days the kids were getting the high fevers and says sures from the fever. that is still scary for the parents. what i recommend and what the pediatricians recommend is think about it and maybe just giving two shots. my son got the m.m.r. and he got the verisela separately. they think maybe when the peak of when the viruses are replicating, they are overstimulating the immune system. what is happening is the kids are getting high says sures and it doubled the risk. so i say two quick pricks as opposed to one shot is not that painful. and why even risk it? >> brian: you know i hate stories, dr. lee, where you give people common sense advise like don't run with scissors. but this one really is something that we need to talk about. because i have been through a major th
giving too much heat. now maryland is getting $85 million in federal funds for the federally mandated high-risk insurance pool which covers abortions. there you go. we told you also haste first and foremost was redistribution of health. they said we were getting in the way of reform. that wasn't true. two days after the bill passed, the "new york times" headline read -- "healthcare attacks the health inquality." bring it up. he -- do you have it? "attacks wealth inequality." president obama then went on and appointed donald berwick to head medicare and medicaid. here he is. >> excellent healthcare is by definition redistributional. >> glenn: got it? they said no, no, no. obstructor of progress. president obama said the truth of healthcare reform is you would be able to keep your doctor, not once but several times. watch. >> here is the truth. if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. under the reform we seek, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. if you like your doctor, you can keep seeing your doctor. a guarantee that i've made. if you have a doctor that you li
stimulus money on it postponed the inevitable. >> neil: the next guest, democratic maryland congressman elijah cummings supports the unemployment benefits extension. the argument against this isn't that they don't think it's valid, it's just not paid for. what say you? >> what i say is that most of your economists, even mr. zandy, who was the advisory to mccain, said clearly that it's important that we provide the jobless with benefits. and do it immediately. i as i listen to star, i couldn't help but wonder what she would say to the residents of compton. she wants to represent them but 20.4% of them are unemployed and what would she say to long beach where 13.3% of them are unemployed. >> neil: but congressmen, in all fairness, it started 26 weeks, then 50 weeks, now we're going on 129 wreaks. i mean what's the statute of limitations on how long you keep benefits going on or whatever purpose? when we don't have the money. >> well, the fact is that -- so what, the researchers show and the economists agree for every dollar with you put into unemployment benefits, they're spent immediatel
and recognize the university of maryland men's basketball team before we had march madness, then you know it's political favoriteism and it has me fed up. >> neil: it's a good basketball team. >> they lost in the second round. >> neil: i'm sorry. you could be kinder. i'm just saying here's my benefit of the doubt theory. if they're busy with proclamations and dedications, none of which are important, it stops them from, you know, multitrillion dollars spending initiatives that are very important and really wasteful, so if they, you know, nickel and dime us on silly stuff and it keeps them away from the big stuff, why shouldn't we welcome it. >> you have a point but we're going to talk about funding for the afghan war. a serious subject. the democrats are bringing this up on a suspension. we have no ability to even author an amendment. so you're going to waste our time on the floor talking about literally one recognizing the 50th anniversary of the book to kill a mocking bird. like we needed congress to tell us that was a good book. you're wasting untold, i don't know how much money we're was
in the vicinity of detrick, maryland. white says in the years past, area b was used as a biological and chemical testing area. he claims over the years, contaminants from the site have been causing a cancer cluster. >> i'm saying 100% that's causing the cancer, yes. yes, we've hired experts, we've got scientists, we have scientific proof. we have over 430 people in this area that now have cancer. >> at a recent town hall meeting organized by white, a couple hundred people shared their stories of having cancer or knowing sun with the disease who lived near area b. we shrifted the area and family after family told fox news they suspect their various cancers are coming from area b at fort dedric. >> do you have cancers in your family? >> yes we've had 12 of our immediate family that has died with a rare leukemia. >> the brothers and their children and then the grandchildren have all died with this very rare erythro leukemia which could possibly be environmental. >> cancer is the main cause of death in 87-year-old grace cole's family, recently claimed the life of a son and now is a threat to her oth
much like maryland. >> there's no question about that. one thing also important to look at in terms of virginia and its economy. virginia is a right to work state in virginia you also have the situation where collective bargaining is not allowed with government employees. for all intents and purposes we have no government employee unions. that's what you are saying plaguing states like california and new jersey in particular. you and i both have talked to governor christie. he will tell awe that it is high time in his state and others that we begin to have an honest conversation about the kinds of promises that have been made to the government employees unions. because frankly it is taxing people out of business. >> greta: u-cut is now about seven weeks old. your program online where the american people can decide what to cut. give me the latest on you cut? >> we had our latest vote yesterday on the house floor. i was a winning item, as you recall, what you cut is, it gives folk as opportunity to go online they can choose from five ways to cut the budget deficit each week. the winni
. >> reporter: he is one of 100 military kids attending operation purple camp in northeast maryland. this summer the national military family social is sponsoring 68 camps for children whose parents serve in all branches of the military. >> i feel like a soldier. >> reporter: camp is free the kids say the fun and sun ease stress. >> i might be at home probably worrying instead of being here having fun. >> reporter: one goal of the program to help kids deal with the anxiety of having a parent in harm's way. >> helping them cope is keeping in touch with friends and meeting new people and talking about their parents. >> i'm going through stuff and i know they just left. >> reporter: even though it is cam, the food isn't bad. >> i like the food here. it is pretty good. >> reporter: ainsley, you can see the camp is a nice distraction for the kids who otherwise have stressful lives. the national military family association says it might not continue next year unless they get a new sponsor. if you are interested in donating to operation purple check out back to you. an inch and what
november. maryland congressman chris van hollen, chair of the democratic national campaign committee and assistant to the speaker of the house, good morning and welcome to "america's newsroom". >> good to be with you. bill: last night, there was a pretty heated meeting that took place between the democratic leadership that involved you and a representative from the white house. and you were not happy at all the way that the white house is now position -- has now positioned this race in november, suggesting that democrats would lose control of the house. what was the tenor of that meeting last night, how tense was it? >> there's been some misinformation here. this was a subject of the discussion at the meeting and there's been some confusion, because what gibbs said was that there are a lot of seats in play around the country, something that we've been stressing from day one at the dccc, that this is going to be a very difficult political environment. his comments were interpreted by many to suggest the democrats were tkpwoz to -- were going to lose the house. bill: he was asked about
camp in northeast maryland. this summer the national military association is sponsoring 68 camps for children whose parents serve in all brachls of the military. >> i feel like a soldier! >> camp is free and the kids say the fun and sun helps ease the stress of their parent's deployment. >> i'd be at home, probably, worrying. instead of being here having fun. >> one goal of the program is to help kids deal with anxiety of having a parent in harm's way. >> helping them cope is just keeping in touch with these friends and meeting new people and talking about their parents. >> how i'm going through stuff and to iraq and stuff, so, and how it feels for them. >> even though it's camp, the food isn't bad. >> i like the food here. i thought it was nasty when i first tried it, but it's actually pretty good. >> reporter: you hear that, jamie and you can see the camp is a nice distraction for the kids who have otherwise stressful lives, but the national military family association says it might not continue next year unless they get a new sponsor. so if you're interested in donating. chec
pavement. in maryland, a nursing home did not report a broken air conditioner for days and health officials had to evacuate 150 residents. rising temperatures are pushing electrical grids into really risky territory. our chief meteorologist is live in the extreme weather center. how many records today? >> don't have a full running of all of the smaller towns but i can tell you anywhere from hartford to richmond again today, shepard, records broken. everybody above the triple digits. only real break we saw was 83 degrees in new york and temperatures beginning to fall a tiny, tiny bit. different wind coming off the coast. still extremely warm, though. if you're in new york city, everybody has to get outside. that's what makes it so tough. check out this guy. >> what's it like shining shoes in the heat? >> 9 degrees. >> 90 degrees. it doesn't make a difference. this is my therapy. not only am i the president, i'm also a client. >> ok. is your therapy better in the winter or in the summer? >> my preface is, i prefer the 90 degrees. the view improves. >> yeah, that guy don, shep, he's one o
and send them. police say they took more than 450 cars in one year. maryland, a fire tearing through a commercial building in downtown frederick. authorities say more than two dozen fire companies battled the blaze. nobody was inside the place but one firefighter went to the hospital for heat exhaustion. florida. animal handlers catching a 9-foot alligator which was said to be prowling around bell glade. residents there say the gator killed a dog. >> can a. >> that come out of the canal and walking the street every night. >> shepard: wildlife officers warning owners to keep their pets fenced in or on a leash. that's a fox watch across america. ozzy osborne known for decades for substance abuse among other things. scientists want to know how the heck he has survived some rockers and pills and snorting. ozzy in the cube. oh, man, he looks spectacular, doesn't he? a target of science coming up. [ sighs ] forget it. [ male announcer ] there's more barbeque time in every bag of kingsford charcoal. kingsford. slow down and grill. [ clattering ] [ male announcer ] when you're all out of goo
bieber. and the winner is cindy francis from baltimore, maryland. congratulations, cindy. >> nice. meanwhile, president obama delivering a big speech on immigration claiming that illegals make a mockery of legal immigrants. listen. >> the presence of so many illegal immigrants makes a mockery of all those who are going through the process of immigrating legally. indeed, after years of patchwork fixes and ill conceived revisions, the legal immigration system is as broken as the borders. >> so why, then, is the president in favor of amnesty? with us now is congressman lewis guitterez who attended the president's speech yesterday and california representative and immigration reform caucus chairman, brian bilbrey. thanks for being here. >> good morning. >> ok, congressman, i want to begin with you fortunately the president said it's impossible to round up and deport all 11 million illegal immigrants here. some people think that number is higher. 12 million or 13 million. do you agree with him? if so, what's the solution? >> i don't agree we have to round them up. they came up here
committee, dutch rothlesberger from maryland. a lot of information in there, was any of it a surprise to you as a member of congress? >> reporter: >> it's not a surprise, dana priest is a very good reporter and she does her homework. we have facts and data and certain conclusions are drawn. i don't agree with all of her conclusions but i do work in the intelligence community. jon: in the days after 9/11 the nation started to throw money at intelligence trying to figure out who our enemies are and how we can stop them. the quickest way to get that done was to hire a lot of contract agents rather than going through the slow government hiring process, that in the process now you've got a third of the workforce in very sensitive intelligence agencies who do not answer necessarily to the federal government, at least that is the way the concern is described, they work for private or sometimes public companies. >> i think that's a very good point that she raised. let's discuss it. number one we have to look at history. after the wall went down and we were no longer chasing the r*ugs and the russian
disorder. here to explain that, dr. lee vanacor of the university of maryland, and an emergency room doctor as well. doctor, you say that actually, this is being used already? can you explain that? >> it's not that it's being used. they're testing it on kids. but it's not far fetched, because really, viagra is a drug that die laves the smooth muscle, the blood vessels, that have smooth muscle around them, and that's why it worked, and it was actually developed for high blood pressure and heart pain, angina, and when they did this study years ago they found it wasn't helping the angna -- the a angina because everybody had better erections, then pfizer tested it and found it helped erectile dysfunction through this dioxide. so now we know it helps pulmonary hypertension, a rare condition where the blood vessels clamp down in the lungs, it can cause all kinds of problems and they're testing. it's not that far fetched. jenna: a cul of basic questions, and how to put this delicately, what are some of the maybe unintended side effects or are there any in children because of this drug? >> well, th
vote that is behind it. five more states -- five states have already joined, hawaii, illinois, maryland, new jersey and washington. massachusetts could be the 6th. they are looking at it in california, colorado, rhode island and vermont. the thought is if you get enough states if you get states that have a total of 271 electorial votes and they sign onto the compact and that will be our electors will cass their ballots for whoever wins the national majority vote. essentially the way it would work is eleven states could ban together and elect the president, eleven states. >> reporter: if you really think about it look at 1984. walter mondale won minnesota. but under that program minnesota wouldn't have had a voice because all the electorial votes would have gone to ronald reagan. they end uptaking away the voice of all the other states, massachusetts, for example. megyn: is this a democratic thing versus a republican. are the people behind in national popular vote democrats that want to change the system. they keep referring back to 2000 what happened between bush and gore. >> reporter:
henneberg is live in maryland. there is a sanctuary there for illegals right outside of d.c. molly, what does the law say there in tacoma park that makes it this so-called sanctuary city? >> reporter: hi, jenna lee, good to see you here in the anchor seat. we miss jane skinner in the anchor seat but it's so good to see you. it says police officers cannot ask people here about their immigration status. also in the law it says, quote, no agent, officer or employee of the city in the performance of official duties shall assist the u.s. bureau of immigration and customs enforcement in the investigation or arrest of any persons for civil or criminal violations of the immigration or nationality laws of the u.s. supporters say they want police to focus on more violent crimes. this is one of many sanctuary cities in the u.s. it's not legal to do it but the idea of sanctuary cities does back decades and they have not really gone after these cities. jenna: why do they say this is unfair to the state of arizona? >> reporter: they say the feds should go after the sanctuary cities for flouting arizon
maryland, van hollen is also the democratic congressional campaign committee chairman. we don't want to mix the two of those up. want to give you a heads up of what's going on there. rick, back to you. rick: all right, let's talk about the weather. some extreme weather hitting the midwest, heavy winds, ripping apart homes and lives in michigan, the severe storms, bending trees in half, tearing the siding right off of several homes, wind-whipped tree limbs are littering roads and front yards. residents stay could take weeks to clean it all up. >>> over in kentucky, fierce floods killed two people and leaves thousands more cleaning up the mess left behind. there's no power or running water in a lot of parts of pike koult. police there are -- county. police are turning a high school into a temporary shelter for thousands of families left homeless by the floods. >> how do you know it's too hot, when you burn your feet on the street, a 78-year-old man is recovering from second degree burns after doing just that. he says he ran out to catch the mailman without shoes on, ended up scorching his fee
're going to dial up the details straight ahead. our slogan this hour comes from chris in maryland, presenting fair and balanced news is like a juggling trick, but "fox & friends" does it with aly clayton, dave and rick. >> i like it. >> hello. >>. >> hey, everybody, this is steven baldwin, you're watching "fox & friends" and it's the place to be. >> did anybody tell you not to talk on the show, don't talk on the phone. >> posting photos of the godiva chocolates and ice cream i'm posting them on twitter. >> national ice cream day. >> these things are ridiculous. >> yeah, they are redonklus they're so ridiculous. and baskin robbins is retiring four flavors they say have gone out of fashion. >> we'll start with the oil spill. it's now day 90 of the spill in the gulf. it may not be a spill anymore, it may be capped because when you look at the pictures it does appear that the good news continues to flow, pun intended, there's no oil leaking out that have well. what they are going to do soon is reopen the well and send some oil back up to the ships on top of the ocean which means oil w
on more than a trillion dollars in cash. but they are not hiring. university of maryland economic professor joins us. it is a difficult one to come up. the chamber of commerce in this country said companies are not hiring because they are afraid of the sea of regulation that is coming down the pike . the president said that is not why. >> there is an antibusiness climate in america . abuses on wall street have worsened and paid one percent to gdp in bonuses to their executives. thuation in arizona in terms of border security has worsened. what is the president's response to send the vice-president out to demagogue the issue by blaming the predecessor . he's been here 18 months he is responsible for the unemployment being higher and things getting worse. this man will raise taxes, increase regulation and blame them for his problems. it is time for president obama to behave like a leader and take responsibility for his record but instead he blames everyone else. this is a pathetic situation. a foreign investor would not go in a country where a vice-president behaved. the business cl
should eclipse the federal law so you -- you realize that, for instance, out in maryland, one of about a dozen states that is trying to rewrite the constitution, how so? >> well, they are seriously considering having a constitutional convention that would look at the constitution which by the way, has been amended for a number of times to see if they can come up with more fundamental revisions and the point is it reflects a sentiment we see a lot around the country which says in addition to passing statutes, it pays from time to time to look at the most fundamental setup which is the state constitution or the federal constitution and come up with things that really cure the problems that have originated including the ones you mention which is a lack of balance between federal and state authorities. >> right. so currently, the way the constitution is set up is if 2/3 of the states call for a constitutional convention, they will have one. but david, you suggest that they change things so that if 2/3 of the states agree, they can suggest their own amendments to the constitution, right? h
to send your absentee ball on thes - on ballots over seas. hawaii, alaska and maryland and new york and delaware asked the pent gone for a waiver and the department of justice has an opportunity to tell the pentagon to reject the waivers and they haven't done so and they should. 17,000 votes were thrown out in the 2008 election and were not counted from military and overseas voters. >> why is this? why is the handful of states asked for waivers and why wouldn't that it want our soldiers to vote? >> that is a good question. our soldiers deserve it. more states are going to ask for waivers, the question is will the department of the justice and the.gon to adjust the waivers. >>> and could it be that the department of yesterday underatfed and could it be political. troops tend to lean slight big right. is there a political reason in your opinion in >> this is not a democrat or republican. this is an issue of washington not work being. there is a lot of lawyers with time on their hand and no question they could be taking an aggressive approach for military voting rights. they are advisi
. our slogan comes from chaz in maryland. we hear all of the news and spin they are doling but we give fair and balanced from alley, clayton and eric bolling. a lot of people going with the bolwellingbolling. >> that is bowling. bolling. >> yeah, it is. >> you get bolling. we have national cowboy day and later today we'll be dance doing line dancing. >> are you now? >> we are get goingto be wiggling >> yes, we are >> wiggles are going to perform next hour. wake up the kid exercise wake up mom, she loves the wiggles. >> that's great . stick around for the interview about the documentary we will not be silence in 2008 obama campaign stole the nomination from hillary. >> we'll talk about bp. all eyeos the tropical storm much and now a tropical depression. bonnie could strengthen to a tropical storm later today as it moves toward louisiana. a lot of the gulf crews picking exup moving the ships and getting rid of the electrical equipment. they are going to wait to the last possible second because they have robots down there. once the storm comes through. they may have to pack up and leave.
. jenna: for one full year. reaction from peter marici, university of maryland and adam lashinski, editor of forbes magazine and fox news contributor. peter, starting with you, where are we in this recovery? >> this recovery seems to be tapering off, consumer spending is starting to phase down, once more, a great deal of -- a good deal of what americans are spending is going abroad. if it weren't for the trade decifit the economy would have grown better than 5 percent but as it is the economy didn't grow very much and not enough to create jobs. jen adam, the president says the -- the president is championing the growth of the economy. is the president giving us an accurate explanation or picture of where our economy is really at? >> yeah, as far as i can tell, there wasn't one inaccurate statement that the president made. the key distinction here is that the growth of the economy is slowing. the economy is still growing, but the growth rate is slowing down. it was slightly less than what economists had hoped for, and it was less than what it's been earlier, but the president is correct wh
earlier today, centered in germantown, maryland, it had a magnitude 3.7, lasted about 15 seconds. no reports of damage there in the nation's capitol. >>> more heavy rain in western japan, floods will leaving five people dead. several others, missing, after flash flooding swept nearly two dozen cars off the road, the rains triggering landslides that buried homes. martha: we have brand new reaction this morning over this controversy between the naacp and supporters of the tea party movement. the naacp is doing a resolution this week, calling out racism in the tea party. the reverend al sharpton this morning saying exactly what the group wants the tea party leaders to do. listen to this: >> why won't the tea party just say that we denounce anybody that comes to our rally that uses racism? i think what is overblown is rather than saying fine, anybody that comes to our fairs or events and says anything racist, we denounce it, and that's the end of the story. why this resistance from the tea party media to say we would renounce this? why doesn't the tea party come forward and say we de
hollen, the democrat from maryland who is the chairman of the democratic congressional campaign committee. she says we fully expect to win. there was that comment, and then there was this comment from senate majority leader harry reid about republicans and the economy. take a listen to this, and then i want to get both of your thoughts on the other side. >> they're betting on failure. they think that the worst -- the worse that the economy is come november, the better they're going to do election wise, but we're not dealing with just numbers here. we talk about the almost 2 million people who are long term unemployed, these are not numbers. they are people. jon: let me make clear that when he said they're betting on failure, he's referring to republican, saying that republicans are trying to keep the economy or hoping the economy stays bad so that they can improve their prospects in november. joe, what do you make of that? >> you know, it's interesting, because both things that were talked about are true and robert gibbs says we could lose the house. it's true, there are enough seats in f
the white house, a democrat from maryland, he's in charge of counting and figuring out where the democrats stand come november in the election time. he is here live today. we'll get reaction from him on this back and forth and also reaction from dana perino, fair and balanced on that. is today the cap holds in the gulf? we'll see new ten minutes with martha and me at the top of the hour. >> steve: after a long legal battle, spanish speaking dwi offender was cleared on charges of refusing a breathalyzer test because he didn't understand english. as a result, the new jersey supreme court ruled monday the police must now inform suspects about the required breathalyzer test in a language they speak or understand. but does that mean immunity for all nonspeaking, nonenglish speaking suspects if they can't translate it? here for a fair and balanced debate, the defendant's attorney, michael blacker and former prosecutor, david schwartz. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> steve: michael, let's start with you. you're the guy's attorney, have been for a couple of years. so he was drunk,
number of years. we know exactly who presumably who leaked it. 22-year-old kid from potomac, maryland, had been an army intel specialist by the name of bradley manning. he is described in "the daily beat" today as an emotionally troubled young soldier. he reached out to wicky leaks because he wanted the secrets out. >> yeah, but the timing of this is all very interesting so the leaks come within a five year span of 2004 to 2009. you say to yourself what happened in 2009? that's when president obama revealed his strategy for afghanistan, right? so the timing of this is all very interesting because now the obama administration coming out immediately and condemning these leaks but at the same time saying this is before our president had the strategy in place so maybe this was all president bush's doing if there was any negative commentary coming out of afghanistan. >> that's a good point, too, and they have quickly pointed that out and here's what general jones has said who is the national security advisor for president obama. the u.s. strongly condemns the disclosure of the classified
van hol lan from maryland, he has rocketed through the ranks. he has his work cut out for him in this election cycle. the republicans are poised to make fairly big gains in the house. that can all change, that's the way it looks right now. michael barona, he's the guy who knows about this more than anybody. he believes there is a 50-50 chance the republicans might take control of the house. there is a pretty good chance that some of the young guns, the young faces you'll be seeing, you'll be seeing again after the elections. by the way we'll hear from some of them tonight on special report with bret baier, we did interviews, talked to democrat -bs,wedemocrats,. shannon: that will be a tough one for chris van hol lana congressman who is tasked with pulling this off if the democrats don't do well. >> reporter: everybody sees that this is an unusual wave that is building. baron who i turn to as one of the brightest guys when it comes to forecasting how the house and senate are going to do in a coming election, he says he's not seen anything quite like it since 94, and he says the
dozen of tree, including one in maryland that fell on the car killing the driver. in the new york city area crews are working to restore power to thousands of homes. residents say they never saw a storm move in so quickly. >> a tornado. >> a mini hurricane. >> tornado. >> all of a sudden outside you could see it was getting darker and darker and the winds were picking up. in a few minute it became really dark outside, winds picked up, it started to rain, we heard the sounds and came out and saw this. jon: a lot of residents are reporting that storm triggered a tornado which touched down in the neighborhood. new york's last confirmed tornado was in 2007. jenna: a profanity-laced audio tapes, allegations of extortion and of course the hair all playing a role in the rivetting corruption trial of former governor rod blagojevich coming to an end today in chicago. mike tobin is live at the federal courthouse with more on this. what has happened so far today. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney has opened for the government and he opened up with that infamous quote about the fing golden senate sea
. our slogan this hour comes from chas in maryland, fox is the best and we all know why, we have aly, clayton and eric who doesn't need a tie. it's "fox & friends". >> did you message, did you mail chas? >> for the record. >> that's eric bolling, ladies and gentlemen, let's give him a round of applause, dave briggs is off at a wedding and i'm clayton morris and alisyn camerota. we have a lot of news. >> new information regarding the whereabouts of two missing u.s. navy service members in afghanistan and connor powell joins us live from kandahar, what is the latest, connor? >> well, good morning, the u.s. military says they have launched an extensive air and ground search for the two missing sailors. the sailors disappeared sometime friday afternoon after they were seen leaving their military base in kabul in an armored vehicle and they then later appeared to have been captured by taliban insurgents south of an area. details outside of that of sketchy ap the taliban claimed to have two in custody. there are reports that one of them is injured. maybe one of them is even, has been kille
harrelson. the winner is joe in maryland. of course, we know joe. congratulations. one man trash is another man's treasure. watch this. >> i'm looking up in the rafters, and a shiny piece of metal catches my eye. and i'm thinking is that bale a bsa gas tank? >> how about that bsa tank up there? would you sell that. >> oh, that looks good. oh, my god. oh, my lord. >> it's like they won the lottery. they are on the cool show "america's." >> and you don't go into antique shops, you go into random houses and basements? >> discover stuff. once it gets to an antique shop, it's at the end of the road. >> it's all under lights and has a price tag on it and we are about rescuing things. we like dirty stuff, sun baked stuff, all that stuff. >> but that's fresh to you. >> we look at it as national treasure. some of the sufficient, you know, it's detier rating. so when we find it and bring it back to the marketplace, it has a chance to live again. >> you are expanding america can youna. >> exactly. >> and what are these here? >> this piece, we rolled into new york last night. this is an incredible piec
slogan from chas in maryland, get yourself up early and wake up your kin, it's time for "fox & friends" with clayton, dave and alisyn. ♪ >> it's "fox & friends." >> that's great! chas is up early and you are, too, good morning everybody. >> if you're not, you are now. don't adjust your set. >> i thought i'd wake you up with the suit. >> yesterday i was wearing a great suit and said we love the suit, but kind of of look like peewee herman. >> what do i look like then. >> i had white shoes on. >> i think it looks good. >> a tweet from blue devil who says i've taken up medicine, my doctor's coat. >> nothing can compare to steve doocy's seersucker he looked like the member of a barber shop quartet, you're fashionable. >> we've got a lot of news, i'm clayton morris, alisyn camerota and matlock. it's now day 83, the ticker keeps rolling and perhaps some good news this morning as crews have removed that cap that was down there only containing about 15,000 gallons of oil a day. which estimates are about 60,000 gallons could be flooding into the gulf as we speak. and this new cap putting on
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